About Me:


I have always been fascinated by photography. I guess that may have something to do with the fact that there was only one picture of me as a baby. My first real experience with a camera was in high school while I was the business manager of the annual staff. I started taking pictures of the businesses that purchased advertisements and later started capturing the moments of other classmates during our journey through some of the most amazing times.


After high school and some college, I joined the Army and purchased my first camera, a Nikon EM. I enjoyed that camera for many years and actually regret selling it. While I was stationed in Hawaii, I took many photography classes through Central Texas College with Norm Shapiro. Norm was not just an instructor, he was the consumate profressional. I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned from Norm.


I volunteered as Assistant Photo Instructor at Ft. Shafter. I had the pleasure of working and learning from my late friend, Patrick Goforth. It was Pat who introduced me to the Hawaiian Photographic Society, where I eventually served on the board. The society was an excellent group of Island photographers who put together workshops featuring world reknowned photographers.


I started my own business on the side, Visual Impressions Photography. My first job was simply incredible. I was the photographer for the Aloha State Motorama, an annual car show held in the parking lot of Aloha Stadium. Thank you, Wil Wong, for seeing my talent and encouraging me to pursue those endeavors.


Shortly thereafter, my success as a photographer grew very rapidly. I purchased several cameras over the next 8 years to include the following: Nikon FM2, Nikon F3HP, Nikon F4, Mamiya C330, Mamiya RB67, and a Calumet Cambo 45 SF. During these years, my photographic endeavors included: Military Balls and Banquets, Kids Sports, the Great Aloha Run, the Honolulu Marathon, Associate Editor of Hawaiian Cruisers Magazine, University of Hawaii Football, covers of Hot VW, Lowrider, VW Trends, and local guides to the islands. While there, I also had the pleasure of capturing several weddings.


In my spare time, from the Army and my own business, I worked at the Hickam Arts and Crafts Center. It was there where I met and worked for long-time friend, Ron Steiner, before eventually moving back to the mainland. Ron, like Patrick, was mainly a large format, black and white photographer. Ron and Pat both encouraged me to enter the Military Photo Contests. In 1988, I won 1st Place in the Air Force Photo Contest. In addition to learning and working with Ron, I went to work in the Frame Shop, opening and running the Engraving Shop until I left in 1993. It is hard to believe how much knowledge I gained working with these outstanding photographers.


Not to leave anyone out (hopefully), I met some of the most outstanding military and civilian photographers: Jean-Jacques Dicker, Alastair Worden, and David Armer. Thank you all for your contributions towards my photographic education.